Bee Happy

As a follow-up post on the case of the disappearing bees, I am happy to report that not all swarms are victims of a serial killer, as some of my writer friends have suggested.

(See Bees Knees, April 11)

Rich and his grandson were able to “herd”??? this swarm of bees into a productive lifestyle. They all lived happily ever after.

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4 Responses to Bee Happy

  1. ron wilson says:

    I like H.E.A.!

  2. Rich says:

    This is the first honey bee swarm that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing first hand. Sure, you can attend bee school, pass the tests, become certified, read everything you can put your hands, and talk with beekeepers having hundreds of years of collective knowledge but until you’ve done it yourself………

    The hive that swarmed was the strongest and largest of my two hives. The colony simply outgrew its home, triggering the production of a new queen – queens in this case, that’s 4 queens, and 4 swarms, in less than two weeks….I said the same thing, WOW!

    With the help of my neighbor, Marc (that’s him up the tree staring face to face with 20,000 bees), we were able to capture two of the swarms. The first was caught by cutting the swarm cluster from a tree and shaking it into a new hive – piece of cake! – and the second by brushing the cluster into a cardboard box which Marc took to his bee yard. We really thought that we could have handled these two swarms without any protective gear – the bees were extremely calm and showed absolutely no aggression – but we didn’t and I would NOT advise it. Being attacked by tens of thousands of bees is not a picture I’d want to see on this blog site!

    As for the other two swarms, one clustered in the same tree, the other in a tree nearby. Apparently, the “girls” (aka, worker bees) were able to find new homes more quickly than I could pull my gear together and have, hopefully, been successful in establishing natural hives in the area.

    Well, this my second year of beekeeping – a FANTASTIC hobby that I would recommend to anyone/everyone) – it’s easier than you might think and there’s nothing more rewarding than having one of your “girls” land on your shoulder when you least expect it – just to say ‘thanks’. Honey bees are amazing creatures….read…..learn…..experience it……, you’ll get hooked, too. Just remember…it’s not all about the honey!


    • georgia ruth says:

      Well said, Rich. Thanks for your pictures and expertise. Maybe we’ll have a tiny influence on the increase of bees in this area. I need honey for my tea every day, so I’ll do my part!

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