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I ventured out of my neighborhood to write a historical/speculative fiction novel set in the Fijian islands in 650 AD. The Oceania area of the South Pacific was traditionally divided into three vague sections: Micronesia in the north, comprised of the Marshall Islands, Caroline Islands, Guam and other island groups nearby; to the southwest is Melanesia, from New Guinea to Fiji and south to New Caledonia; to the east is Polynesia, from Tonga and Samoa to the Marquesas, north to Hawaii and south to New Zealand. These descriptions are fluid depending upon the intentions of the describer.

An appropriate article by A.R. Williams appeared in the July 2017 issue of National Geographic regarding the colonization of the South Pacific. “Going farther, to remote Oceania, required a very different voyaging strategy from what was used before,” says University of Oregon archaeologist Scott M. Fitzpatrick,” (who contributed to a recent seafaring study). “No islands were visible, so sailors had to use a celestial compass.” http://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2017/07/explore-adventure-colonizing-south-pacific/

Lost Legend of Vahilele
A clash of cultures in the Fijian Islands
Now available on Amazon

This article was appropriate to me because of the recent release of my first novel, Lost Legend of Vahilele, now available on Amazon. Click on the tab at the top for details of the tale and personal revelation.


Now Available on Amazon


I have also written a book about the landmark Lake Tahoma Steak House in Carolina. It is a collection of memories of bear suppers, curb service at The Grill, a real service station that checked oil and tires for free, lodging in little rock cabins, breakfast or beer with neighbors, and trading guns, pottery or furniture with Pete Gibbs and his sons. Some of these events our children could never imagine. It was before the era of the interstate.

Pete’s legacy was the McDowell Childrens Ministry, and it was an honor to write his story. (William Brown Gibbs II, July 3, 1928-June 2, 2017)

The Bear Hunter’s Son: A True Story (By Georgia Ruth Wilson)

Introducing Four Historical Fiction Tales Set in Marion, North Carolina:

Four Historical Short Stories
Available on Amazon

DEAD MAN HANGING, about the Flood of 1916, STRONG ENOUGH recently published in the Malice Domestic Anthology, SUMMER OF DYNAMITE, about the 1929 textile strike where six workers were shot by law enforcement, and HOME, SWEET HOME, a light romance with a 1969 backdrop–oh yes, it’s also a murder mystery.

Check out my short story

Includes my story
“The Mountain Top”

“The Mountain Top”

Chosen as one of the best mystery stories published in 2016 along with stories by Stephen King and Elmore Leonard.



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  1. John Flathe says:

    Baby sis :Huge congrats for your huge success !!!!. This is Huge !! I am going to recommend you !!! Looks like your dogged stick toitiveness is starting to pay dividends . We are now very proud to admit that you are one of our favorite sisters !! Seriously– Broj


    • georgia ruth says:

      Thanks Bro, perseverance is necessary in any endeavor, especially in the arts when recognition might come only after death, like Van Gogh.The standard advice has always been to follow your passion. That I am doing, and happy there are a few who take notice. Seriously.

  2. So excited for you, my friend. Congrats on both projects! Is that the restaurant across the street from the big RV park and sales in Marion? Looks familiar, but sorry, this Kansas girl can’t help with stories. Blessings on your writing!

    • georgia ruth says:

      Yes, Granddad was a famous bear hunter and first built a grill and filling station in 1930. Business was great since there was no interstate, and expansion was swift. The Gibbs family’s story is a colorful part of the county’s history, and I look forward to telling it.

  3. sandra214 says:

    This is AWESOME, Georgia! Kudos to you! I can’t wait to read the story.

  4. nancyflathe says:

    gA you are truly amazing…we are so proud of you!! THIS IS BIG!!

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