Fire Update

Advisory: Investigators in search of suspect setting roadside fires: Call 652-4000 or 65-CRIME with info; cash reward offered.

A shelter is now open at Nebo Crossing Church for those suffering from smoke inhalation difficulties. About 186 acres are burning. The fire at Curtis Creek may be contained at 60 acres.

Local fire investigators need the public’s help in identifying a person they believe is setting wildfires in McDowell County, North Carolina.

In two weeks, there have been roadside fires started in Woodlawn, North Cove, Pleasant Gardens and Marion. Some have been extinguished within hours. Others, like the Clear Creek Road blaze that approximately 100 local, regional, state and federal officials continue to fight, have lasted days.

“We’ve seen a recent rash of this, and it needs to stop,” said Fire Investigator Craig Walker of McDowell County Emergency Management. “Fire conditions are very serious right now, and this person is putting people’s lives and property in danger.”

Restaurant in Bryson City, NC, Nantahala Natl Forest

Restaurant in Bryson City, NC, Nantahala Natl Forest

In the western part of the state, fires are covering much more acreage. However, it seems they are not growing in spite of the high winds. Our brave firefighters are winning the battle. Thanks to Brian Supan’s post on FB for this shot at the Nantahala Outdoor Center.

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