Appalachian Authors at Carson House

Signing for The Bear Hunter’s Son, A True Story of McDowell County

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4 Responses to Appalachian Authors at Carson House

  1. So excited for you, my friend. Praying for a wonderful day and much ado about the Bear Hunter’s Son.

    • georgia ruth says:

      Thanks Jeannie, I am looking forward to the event and meeting new folks. We live in a beautiful area with friendly neighbors interested in the history of the Appalachians.

      • I am a retired librarian living in Nashville, TN and I am helping a friend who is related to the Nanney family. She wants a copy of The Nanney Saga and so far has been unable to find it. Could you email me with this info at

      • georgia ruth says:

        Shirley, we lived in Franklin for thirty years before we retired to NC. Just went home for a graduation, and we do not recognize downtown. We will have to return when we can walk the streets–with a compass! Your friend is welcome to read the saga on line. However, I do have copyrights reserved. I hope to publish all these stories next year, and I will be happy to notify her. In the meantime, I will post several links given to me by Dennis Yancey where she can get additional family information. Thanks for your message. Best Wishes.

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