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Chapter 8: Garden Spot of the World

From last post, I continue Wade Nanney’s story about Ole Man Adair coming home from California in the 1850’s. He travelled from San Francisco around the tip of South America to make port in Charleston. And he wore an overcoat the … Continue reading

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Chapter 5: Overmountain Men

On the first Monday of October, the people in our valley meet at a tiny community building in the woods to host a dinner for the fifteen or twenty folks who re-enact the journey taken by the Overmountain Men of 1780. These Appalachian pioneers had … Continue reading

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Part 15: Brice Meets Iva

This past summer I complained that we had to fence our garden of three raised vegetable beds to keep out the critters. I asked Brice for his husbandry advice. He told me about their gigantic truck farm. “Instead of havin’ a … Continue reading

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Part 14: Out of School

When Brice graduated from high school, he and his father, Henry Sprouse, bought a logging truck, and they went into the pulpwood business, hauling wood. “We hired the young black guys down the road to work for us.” Along with farming, he … Continue reading

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Part 4: JJ Sprouse comes to Brackett Town

In 1842, a separate county was created from neighboring Burke and Rutherford counties and named in honor of Colonel Joseph McDowell, famed Indian fighter and hero at King’s Mountain. The county seat was named after General Francis Marion who was … Continue reading

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Thoughts Thicken Plots

I have always been “bookish,” whatever that means. Yes, it was a treat to watch Mitzi Gaynor on the big screen, when I was a mere child. However, I preferred to curl up with The Bobbsey Twins or Nancy Drew … Continue reading

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