Jewels to Go

Yes, I am a wordsmith, and sometimes a storyteller.

Words reveal things about yourself, and sometimes writing them down is a revelation to the person holding the pen, or the keyboard. Five years ago I took my first rejected novel and rewrote it several times. Suddenly the plot changed by itself. It was no longer about a robbery. It was about redemption. And the main character read Kipling’s poetry. Now where did that come from? I remember my father’s recitation of “If” at frequent intervals. I do not remember being a Kipling fan.

Three years ago I named a dog in a short story after Balou the bear in Jungle Book, again Kipling. I also finished another short story which a friend critiqued and said it reminded her of “The Man Who Would Be King.” Guess what! Kipling again. This short story became the recently published novel Lost Legend of Vahilele. For 300 pages, Bahram thought he would be the Kisra of Vahilele.

My redemption story, Jewels to Go, is finished but still not edited to fit my expectations. And it has given birth to a sequel, Retail Jungle, still in progress. Many happy hours of word selection await  me.

I love to read mystery stories, or epic tales like Stephen King’s The Stand or Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. And historical fiction like Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth. I admire the edgy prose of Flannery O’Connor, especially “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” I cannot explain what this reveals about me so I will not dwell. I’ll move on to my favorite activity: connecting words and then rearranging them in a different order. One day, I will have another novel to share with you and me.