Lost Legend of Vahilele

Truth up front. I love the English language with all its inconsistencies. I especially like the subtle shades of meaning described by different words, and the roll of vowels and consonants to give an aural assist to a visual impression. I am hooked on alliteration.

Foreign words like Vatulele and Srivijaya catch my attention. The first is a tiny island where the great South Pacific meets the Coral Sea and the second is an empire that fizzled out in the early eighth century. Where history has gaps, I feel free to fill in. Bodacious, I know. But it is a lot of fun to imagine, “What if…?”

When it is cold and dark on my mountain, and the wind is whipping the 75′ oaks outside my snug loft, I can travel back in time. There are stories to be told. I can envision a Flight before the Stormcanoe headed out for unknown destinations. Maybe a kaunitoni that sailed from mystical ancient islands and carried tribal gods. Archaeologists have excavated ruins from Melanesia to Samoa, finding pottery with the same dentate pattern they ascribe to the Lapita people. The historians do not tell us much about them except they were probably a common ancestor of several Polynesian cultures.

Sounds like a story to me. In my upcoming novel, “Lost Legend of Vahilele,” an ancient tribe who respects the spirits of nature in sky and sea is decimated by a smallpox outbreak on the small island of Vatulele in 650 AD. The survivors question the potency of their traditional beliefs and turn to the leadership of shipwrecked sailors cast on their beach in a storm. The plot proves that proud oppression provokes punishment. (I told you I like alliteration.)

The characters are figments of my imagination. I indulged in hours of research for this magical island’s background, and I took pleasure in creating a world through which I can escort those seeking an adventure. I hope to have Lost Legend of Vahilele published soon. In the meantime, I am honored to be able to share with you a sunset photo taken by       Mr. Bertini, owner of Vatulele’s renowned resort. Doesn’t this make you want to visit?

Sunset off the Vatulele Cliff


Do you have a Fiji photo that you would like to share with those of us who travel in our heads? Send it to me at georgiaruthwrites@gmail.com and I will be happy to post it



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4 Responses to Lost Legend of Vahilele

  1. Georgia,
    You have a “gift.” “subtle shades of meaning,” “roll of vowels,” “aural assist to a visual impression” WOW! This lead up to “Rampart of the Phoenix” makes me want to run out and buy the book even though I suspect it isn’t published yet. Have you finished it? Are you shopping it around? You should be. This needs to be out there. Folks need to experience your amazing way with words.

    • georgia ruth says:

      I appreciate your encouragement. Yes, I am searching for a good home for this novella. So much time was spent in research that I feel connected to Vatulele although I have never been there. Best wishes for you, my friend.

  2. Georgia my name is Albert Bertini the owner of Vatulele that you have discribed , first and formost let me say you are spot on in your interpretation of Vatulele .

    Would it be possible for you to contact me please.

    • georgia ruth says:

      How wonderful to live in beautiful Vatulele! Although I have never visited, my thoughts seem to be there frequently. I cannot explain my fascination for the history of different cultures. You can probably tell from my blog posts that I am surrounded by neighbors who have many stories to tell about their ancestors. They are a continual source of entertainment, and I plan to start a new series soon.

      Thank you for your interest.

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