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Episode 4: Learning Dysartsville

Few people in this community remember that a Dysartsville Post Office used to be next to a service station on the juncture of Highway 226 and Vein Mountain Road, where a large Boy Scout Camp sign is now posted. Of course that was … Continue reading

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Episode 1: Vein Mountain Road runs Nanney to Nanney

Since I have promised my near neighbors to include their stories in this blog, we must depart Nanneytown. However, we cannot cross the county line of McDowell and Rutherford without mentioning again the historical impact of gold mining in this area. Indeed, Thermal City Gold Mine … Continue reading

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Bear Alert in Dysartsville!

My last post borrowed a written account from the 1970’s, which included references to historical gold mining and the establishment of churches in the area. Religion and commerce–signs of civilization. That Dysartsville Community Club report did not mention the wildlife that … Continue reading

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